RFID Solution for controlling replenishment at the point of use

RFID Solution for controlling replenishment at the point of use

StocKey® Kanban: an innovative system that optimizes the inventory management of medical items.

Grifols has developed a new system based on radio frequency devices, which enables real-time management of requests for replenishment of medical supplies within the hospital.

How does StocKey® Kanban work?

The system consists of a set of wireless push buttons, each of which is associated to a product, and an area controller for each nursing unit. The hospital staff simply has to go to the order point and push the corresponding button; the system records and processes the request. By using radiofrequency and linking to specific articles, errors that occur with using manual paperwork and barcode labels are eliminated, and duplication of orders or omissions in the product request are avoided. This leads to greater efficiency and tighter control over health expenditure on hospital materials.

Save time and money

Hospitals that have implemented StocKey® have shown that the system can reduce the levels of warehouse inventories by 50%, and the amount of nursing time spent managing inventories by 90%.1

According to hospital staff, the most important features of StocKey® are: the ease of use (very intuitive), the ease with which it can be adapted to the work procedures of the hospital and the ability to manage the entire replenishment cycle.


Simple and efficient stock replenish

  • REAL TIME management of the replenishment: Request, processing and confirmation
  • Easily adapted to standard working procedures: normal request or urgent request
  • Comprehensive "paper-free" management

Integrated control of the replenishment management

User benefits

  • Easy-to-use "Press to request and press to refill"
  • Frees-up time spent on stock replacement.
  • Fully adaptable to standard working procedures.

Benefits for the supervisor

  • Provides full control over stock replacement status
  • Includes guidance and product location features
  • Simplifies stock management on the ward

Benefits for the hospital

  • Reduces the amount of stocks held on the ward
  • Optimizes management resources
  • Monitors the current state of the entire installation in real time
  • Can be integrated with automated processing systems