StocKey®Central: Comprehensive hospital warehouse management

Mercurio: Comprehensive hospital warehouse management

Automated central storage and unit dose picking areas

The Mercurio System, after years of ongoing evolution, helps automate the storage of drugs and medical devices.
These solutions, composed of combinations of horizontal and/or vertical carrousels, are specifically made to adapt to each facility in order to minimize space, adjust the stock level and optimize the protection of products.
Mercurio, the software that manages these systems, has been specially designed and is perfectly adapted to the traits of the hospital environment. It can also be integrated with other hospital management systems.


Main characteristics:

  • Cost reduction
  • Reduction in storage space
  • Security in product handling
  • Can be connected to management systems
  • Grouping of orders
  • The products go to the operator
  • Definition of the products and spaces is required
  • Computer managed

  • Incremento de la productividad.
  • Optimización de las tareas logísticas.
  • Sencillez en la preparación de pedidos, solicitudes de reposición y gestión de entradas de proveedor.
  • Gestión de almacenes de sobrestock y almacenes de rotura de stocks.



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