StocKey® RFID Smart Cabinet: real-time traceability

StocKey® RFID Smart Cabinet: real-time traceability

StocKey® RFID Smart Cabinet is the best way to monitor and ensure the traceability of high-value surgical products in real time.

Access control for tracking surgical supplies by means of radiofrequency identification (RFID)

StocKey® RFID Smart Cabinet automates the key aspects of stock management in an acute care setting. This includes inventory management (stock levels, batch numbers and expiry dates), assignment to patients, the recording of information and re-orders.

Technology is channeled to extending patient care in acute care settings

RFID technology offers accurate inventory visibility in real time without adding to the workload of nursing staff. The exact location of any surgical item can be identified immediately.

Healthcare management finance tools

Compiles an accurate record of the access and use of surgical supplies in order to optimize stock levels and reduce loss.



  • Eliminates control costs involved in monitoring expiry dates.
  • Provides real-time visibility of inventory without adding extra workload for the user.
  • Makes the stock movements fully traceable.